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Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian Back Together?

Rumors are flying around that the couple are back together as Tristan Thompson has reportedly been staying with Khloe Kardashian whenever he was in town.

Even if it makes sense as co-parents to do that, it can be recalled that Tristan was unfaithful to Khloe not once, to wit, Jordyn Woods.

She’s hiding it from the public, but her family knows all about it.” an undisclosed source confirming their rekindled relationship mentioned, “They don’t hate him. He’s nice. They hate the way he treated her.”

Tristan known for his persistence continued to shower his ex with gifts, first, a diamond necklace before surprising her with a shiny pink ring for her 35th birthday; she kept all gifts! hmm, surely all signs are saying, ITS BACK ON!.

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