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Tensions continue in the D’banj, Bankuli Camp!

It is widely speculated in the media that the beef between D’banj and his ex-manager must have been a result of the interview published by Pulse media couple of weeks ago where Bankuli explained the story of how he introduced the Koko Master to Kanye West.

Apparently D’banj must’ve found some falsehood in his story which made him jump on Bankuli’s IG post which the ex-manager captioned, “Silence don’t lie… there is truth in silence.” D’banj responded, “Then brother keep quiet and if you just must talk about Me , . Speak the truth . Enough lies ????.”

Not long, his former manager fired back, “hmmmm … I was thinking ? what truth are you looking for at this stage of your life …keep your energy for your career and love ones as you shall find the truth and the truth shall set you free . Be safe son.”

It looks to be an all out war on these streets!

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