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#justYarning – to Oblivion with you!

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Time waits for no man! Let me inspire you to not sit around or lay on that sofa all day but get up and get actively involved in the daily activities of life that aims to build your personality in the areas of business and family, otherwise? uhg, i dare not say what will be otherwise. I mean, following from the many examples learned from those who decided it not a wise thing to bide their time…its not always a pretty sight eventually.

Leading with that, what could have driven me to dive into such thinking? Well, considering how the world keeps spinning and with every complete spin a set of new characters are thrown into the mix which leaves the thought that for certain, your phase will be complete just as the case of others before you, then what will you have to show for it? – Hefty question buddy!


You must “allow me to use the word” HUSTLE to establish your name, your brand, and your persona. It doesn’t end there, you must become responsible for your actions and it is part of your responsibility to ensure that all you have worked for in your lifetime doesn’t end in vain. The legacy must be birthed and passed on to the future generation. Yes mate, while you’re securing the bag, you might as well, secure the future.

Once you lose your self consciousness, it becomes very difficult to keep track of time or even use said time productively. You’ve got to keep your guard up and know what is going on around you and in all paradigms of life. You then become like a walking vegetable, uhhmm that’s really a bad thing to become! You become unable to build a legacy for yourself and your family. You disappoint. But hold on, I’d seriously like to believe that isn’t you! You’ve got great potential and can accomplish anything you set out to. Right? Otherwise, its to Oblivion with you.

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