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Is Lil Nas X Cancelled?

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I should perhaps warn you of the nasty comments you might see when you check out the #LilNasXisOverParty trend on Twitter!

Apparently, Lil Nas X became over-party as in the opinion of many after some old yet questionable tweets with controversial content resurfaced; these tweets are relevant because the twitter account responsible is one linked to the rapper even though he vehemently denies any connection.

Matters got interesting (at least for me) upon noticing that the account was that of the fomerly popular Nicki Minaj stan handle @NasMaraj (Ooouuuu)

So our boy Nassy Lil Nas X is a barb? who would’ve have thought! Well this apparently gave a lot of Twitter users some angle to bolster their cancellation party for the rapper over the contents of these old tweets.

What kind of content would cause so much buzz like this? Well, some way islomophobic stuff i tell you.

I’m not just saying, there is hard evidence to back it up and the voltrons of Twitter universe came after him HARD with a good number of eye boggling screenshots of old tweets, and more. Ladies and gentlemen, the birth of #LilNasXisOverParty. You just get your popcorn, i gatchu!

The internet never forgets i tell you! In one of the tweets, he did shade Cardi B who he now has a song with……..not me, internet!!

Just more and more of the gory stuff

What would Jesus Lil Nas X do?

Well he played into the game and wouldn’t be played by it; I mean, how do you shoot someone who’s already shooting his own foot? The rapper, albeit cheeky, crashed his own cancellation party…or whatever I said.

If i were him, i’d also seize the opportunity to promote my stuff

I couldn’t help but notice strong words like Fraud, Gay, Fake etc what do you think about this mess? — You see that comment section below yea? vent away! —

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