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(Video) Drama over Seun Kuti’s interrupted performance

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Seun kuti’s performance interrupted!!!, wow I’m as stunned as you are.


Unfortunately, Seun Kuti was cut off at the early minutes of his performance at the New World Nigeria showcase by the venue-host, Stratford’s “Royal Theatre” security; simply because they didn’t want the crowd to dance but rather, just sit and watch!!!!.

Seun Kuti who was rather perplexed, defended the audience and wanted to call the show off, his actions caused the crowd to cheer at him in response. In his words, ‘I’m just here for you guys so if some people are stopping you from dancing, I will stop the show as well’.

Almost immediately as the crowd got their groove back on, the security swooped in and got on stage instructing Seun Kuti to cancel the performance.

The actions of the venue security did not only stun Seun Kuti and the audience, it also provoked Stephen Budd, who is a UK festival promoter, to tweet his vent. His tweet read, ‘@RealSeunKuti & his audience were ripped off by #RoyalTheatreStratford ‘s idiotic security stopping people dancing at a AfroBeat show? Mad !’.

Checkout Seun Kuti’s exclusive interview with Factory78 immediately after all that drama:

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