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#JustYarning: and the award for the blogger of the year goes to?

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Ok i’ve been pushed by few close buddies to do this post following provocation in the politics of things involving awards, even to the “blogger” category.

Most wonder why TayoYarns havn’t got any awards or to say the least, nominations yet!!. Well the only nomination I ever got was from all the way South Africa some maiden launch of Teens Choice Awards Africa. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know about it, didn’t attend or win or didn’t even know it took place..even if I had won, none will receive it for me there. I didn’t even know where it was holding but I appreciate the recognition from there!! Really do!.

Now back to my beloved country, I believe that before putting up nominees, a thorough research must have been done and nominees contacted except the blog doesn’t receive such audience. But my statistics of my blog at blogger alone contradicts why I haven’t been contacted by any from my country that i’ll represent till i die o. I’m not even speaking for my blog alone, I know a lot of popular blogs that don’t even make the lists, lol these people just conjure things up and say they giving awards!!.

These days, family meetings where accolades are given to family members are often regarded as awards!!.

Little do they know that dedicated bloggers just hit the blogs because they can’t not do without blogging. Not for the fame, not for the money, but for merely getting word out. People who stay true to what blogs should about and not -copy and paste- bloggers who leave no track-back links to creative write-ups they steal!.

If you wanna do something, its best done well!!, with that said, the award for the blogger of the year goes to ………………..

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