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#JustYarning# Tayo yarns.

I almost forgot the fun I used to have with this blog, I created all things tayoyarns just so I could post gossip scoops and real-time-posts too (by this I mean more personal stuff). If this blog thingie were a rap album, I’d have a whole lots of commercials and a few hardcore raps in my name.

Since I am not CNN or *al-jezeera* (if that’s spelt correctly), its my blog afterall and once in a while I should be able to just write what I like. I mean, for Enny to say my blog is strictly social it means I haven’t been doing a lot of freestyle writing of late, of which I should.

These past weeks has been more eventful for me than most in the deeper past as I was re-hired by SHEIFUNMI.NET as a writer, shout-out to Sheifunmi who i guess is stuck to his computer or phones now, he never gets off the techs lol. I also re-connected with ace designer and close friend “Chikezie“. we lost connection at some point and didn’t reconnect for some unknown reason(s), maybe a tad bit reluctance from both our parts, it happens. And come to think of it, I never really congratulated him for winning the best designer category of the Y’naija cutting edge competition CONGRATS BROV!!.

I’ve decided to get more involved with tayoyarns and also employed more help with the blog, so frequent posts should be expected. It won’t be easy but it has to be done.

Special thanks to TayoYarns faithfuls…have I introduced my other projects to y’all?, checkout MadeWorks

Follow these handles please: @KOSHER_BMT, @Made_Works, @call_me_smokee and @Fawizo

In other news, I’ve also decided to engage in other businesses like PR, Talent Management amongst others!! Yes, I like to get busy, its the only way I will not think about setbacks that comes in different forms mostly people…

Thanks for reading, and happy surfing around the blog!

Yours in Gossip!


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